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Follow-up is required to validate this point. And some in baseball are still saying privately that it has taken too long. But the fact remains that the crackdown is beginning before a major public scandal, not the other way around.

But don't underestimate what this home run meant in Brewers land: It was very big indeed. It was vintage Yelich of 2018 and 2019 -- if we can refer to the recent past as vintage -- and that's the Yelich the Brewers have desperately been looking for the past two seasons. It was just his second home run of 2021, his first at home, and while he has missed a lot of time with his back problems, he has just two home runs and and four extra-base hits in 75 at-bats. This from a slugger who averaged a home run every 13.3 at-bats over those two monster seasons and an extra-base hit every 6.9 at-bats.Arizona Diamondbacks

The team announced in December that it is changing its name for the first time since 1915, a decision that came as part of a national movement to remove and replace prejudicial names and symbols.
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He slugged three homers Saturday/Sunday and is up to seven over 36 plate appearances with the Cubs this year. It’s been like pulling teeth trying to get Wisdom out (h/t Jeff Erickson), but he also sports an ugly 36.1 K% that would be the third-highest in MLB. Wisdom is a 29-year-old rookie likely looking at big time regression, but it’s easy to see why he’s been a popular waiver wire add (41% rostered) swinging such a hot bat right now.

The Yankees surely participated in this tomfoolery, but the Red Sox carried the water. Playing little brother in oh so many battles and consistently falling short is exhausting. Whether it be on the field, at the trade deadline, at winter meetings or even in the press, it seemed like the Yankees always had Boston’s number.Milwaukee Brewers

In nine of their previous 13 games, Angels starters had gone at least five innings and surrendered no more than three earned runs. The team entered Thursday having won six of nine.Boston Red Sox

Báez hasn’t played since exiting Sunday’s win in San Francisco in the seventh inning after jamming his thumb during his at-bat in top half of the inning.Philadelphia Phillies
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