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Thirty pounds lighter, Billy returns accompanied by his friends to claim the tourist job. However, he has to be assisted by Poss and Macon every step of the way, as he is severely bandaged, in casts, and walking on crutches. One look, and the park ranger boots Billy out the door, declaring him to be a total wreck. The good news is that Possible and Macon get hired to do posing for the tourists in place of Billy. The bad news is that Poss and Macon will share their food money with Billy – only after he finishes rebuilding their home.

Time has an interesting effect on everything. Especially when it comes to rendering judgment on what is good and bad. A great example of this can be found in Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. When this stop-motion animation film came out in 1993, it was a flop at the box office and many felt that it was “too scary” for kids given some of the things the movie did (shrunken head in a Christmas present might have been…ahead of its time).backpack

In the comic book version of this episode, there is a much more detailed map of “Beanyland.” And it features a “Rock and Roller Coaster” and a “Go-Man Chinese Theater” decades before Disney actually built those attractions in Florida.

Bob recruited Lou “Zoot” Watson to do the voice of “Prince Chawmin” while Mel Blanc provided all of the other voices in the picture. Band leader Louis Armstrong wanted to do the voice of Prince Chawmin’ but was booked on tour.

In an interview with animation historians Milt Gray and Michael Barrier, Bob Clampett revealed a very special encounter with Walt Disney himself when the puppet show was at its peak:
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Clampett hired Vivian Dandridge,the sister of black American actress and singer Dorothy Dandridge to voice “So White” and then hired Ruby Dandridge, Dorothy and Vivian’s mother, to voice the wicked Queen.

Kelvinator was a leader in its industry like Ford, General Electric, and Coke-Cola, who survived and thrived since they were all founded. Even with a solid foothold in the American home and the help of the Disney characters, Kelvinator still vanished into obscurity like other once iconic brand names like Howard Johnsons, Pan American Airways, F.W. Woolworths, among many now vanquished to distant memory. It is a case study in brand destruction versus solid brand management and continuous brand reinvention. The demise of Kelvinator shows how a venerable brand can erode over time, no matter how popular they once were.
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