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Each case is different, of course, but usually is traced back to the initial contractual clearance for commercial recordings. It can also be an artistic choice. Henry Mancini, who we discussed in the previous Spin about The Pink Panther, famously eschewed soundtrack albums for the RCA Victor albums of his movie scores. Instead, he arranged specific, individual tracks (each with its own beginning, middle and end as opposed to film tracks that might need to stop and start to follow visual action) with the home and radio listener in mind. Rich in themes and catchy hooks, his background music could then exist as a light jazz/easy listening album as well as soundtrack. It was only around the turn of this century that Mancini transitioned to the soundtrack format with the advent of compact discs, followed by labels such as La-La Land releasing expanded box sets of his scores with both the album and film versions.

Released in 1998. Restoration Producer/Digital Editor: Randy Thornton. Digital Restoration Executive Producer: Ted Kryczko. Musical Director: George Bruns. Audio Research: Scott McQueen, Glenn Ragland. Restoration/Mastering: John Polito. Art Direction: Luis Fernandez. Design: Janet Wilson, Marcella Wong. Illustrations: Phillippe Harchy Studios. Running Time: 57 minutes.

One of the things I’ve been working on is finding the best prints I can of Betty Boop cartoons for “The other Betty Boops” Blu-ray set. While it would be wonderful to get 35mm on all the films, there are very few 35mm prints on the public domain Bettys. We’re trying to help round out the films available so there are decent copies in HD of these shorts. We’ve been tracking down as many original non-theatrical and TV prints as able- and need to get to 20 of them to finish the set. Most we’ve found are 16mm prints, but we’ve also found quite a few 9.5mm prints from Europe that have all the original Paramount titles. The picture quality varies on these 1930s prints, but some of them are quite good.

Buster gets off on the wrong foot by dropping a dumbbell on Arnold’s head. Arnold responds by giving Buster a “First lesson”, holding the rabbit up by the ears, while placing a barbell in his hands to hold. The barbell stretches both of Buster’s arms to the floor. “Hey, at least I won’t have to bend over to cut my toenails any more”, says Buster, looking on the bright side. Arnold puts Buster on a folding exercise table known as the belly cruncher, which flattens Buster like a pancake. “Aptly named”, notes Buster. A weight and pully machine is cranked up for high, pulling Buster past the pulley and into the weight chamber, smashed between two weights into a small rectangle. This wasn’t exactly the “shape” Buster imagined himself in. Arnold next beats madly at a drum, while Buster toils at a rowing machine as if on a slave galley. At home in his rabbit hutch, Bugs Bunny frowns that the show is making rabbits look bad, and reaches into his television screen to retrieve Buster, giving him a few pointers on how to place the “pea brain” in his place. As Bugs puts Buster back into the screen, he mentions that he just lo-o-oves Buster’s show – then asides to the audience, “Warner Brothers paid me to say that.” Buster returns to the rowing machine, but this time in fisherman’s hat, and holding a rod and reel. He suddenly claims to have hooked a big one, and struggles to reel it in. Arnold insusts on helping the “puny person” land his catch, and assumes Buster’s position on the rowing machine. Arnold pulls powerfully back on the line, which snaps – releasing a huge iron weight suspended from the ceiling and through pulleys on the other end of the line. CLANGGG!! The metal weight cracks into fragments, and flattens Arnold’s head. Arnold gives chase, calling Buster a “98 ounce weakling”. The chase leads into a steam room, where the old turn-up-the-thermostat gag is revisited, now with a top setting of “deep fat fry.” Arnold emerges, reduced to five inches tall. In a sullen and shrunken voice, he walks pack Buster, stating “I’d rather you didn’t see me now.” Buster finally tells the audience he will now put on some serious muscles, Buster style.

What struck me most during my research was how a company like Kelvinator, which at one time held 80% of the American market for electric refrigerators, disappeared from the consumer landscape so completely. At least in the United States. The Kelvinator brand is widely used for various appliances sold in Argentina, and Kelvinator refrigerators are still sold in the Philippines.(10) There are also some commercial refrigeration products bearing the Kelvinator name in the U.S. foodservice industry.(11) But as for a household name brand, it is no more.

Hiroshi Nagahama, director of Uzumaki, made a personal appearance in a new video released this afternoon to apologize for the delay. As he explained, COVID hit the production of this anime especially hard and the entire process had to be restructured. Nagahama says they should be able to get Uzumaki done by October 2022, and to prove it, he showed the first few seconds of the anime in completed form.APRON
Quality Waterproof Apron

Nearly two years ago, Netflix announced they were putting a cartoon version of the hit video game Cuphead into production. People have been starved for a clip of The Cuphead Show ever since, and it was only today that Netflix obliged. It’s still not ready for a full trailer, but it appears  some part of it HAS been completed, enough to make this clip. Cuphead himself doesn’t show up in it:
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